All You Need to Know About Fat Men’s Fashion

All You Need to Know About Fat Men’s Fashion

FAT-T is not just selling you some oversized t-shirts. It is giving you a purpose, a perspective, and a way to be the big guy in a room full of people. Everybody loves a tall and big guy who looks great, right? We are going to help you be one!


You are big-boned and tall. Something rarely fits you. In short, you are different from the others and most brands are not producing fitted clothes for you because different is in low supply in this world. The same articles that are manufactured for normal people aren’t really going to fit you. You need a brand that is specifically focused on producing clothing for big-boned people like you.


But fitted clothes aren’t the only problem here. They are just a part of the problem. You also need to know everything in detail about fat men’s fashion. You can get your hands on our high-quality, inspirational, and fitted T-shirts that will fit you like nothing else but you should also know in detail about yourself and how you should dress.


Our T-shirts are made keeping every factor that can affect the way you look. There are some basics to dressing for fat men that we are going to describe below. They will not only give you an idea of dressing but will also explain to you why our T-shirts are everything you’ll need to bomb every look you wear!


Fat Men Clothing Fit


The problem is your fit, not fat. The clothes you get are either too loose or too tight. Here is why wearing too baggy or too tight clothes is making you look bad:

Loose and Baggy T-shirts:

The problem with loose and baggy clothes is that they hang on your body. Although you might think that they will save your tummy from looking too fat or hide the nipples that show under your shirt but baggy clothes actually make you look even fatter. We want to look good, not bigger than we already are. Secondly, baggy clothes can easily get wrinkles on them which in return makes you look even worse.

Too Tight T-shirts:

If you wear a too tight a fit, you can already picture how it will make you look. Your tummy and nipples would be so revealing with a shirt that hugs your body. Your shoulders will be tight and your arms would be difficult to move as all the force of that tight stretched shirt is being exerted on your chest and arms. You will be severely uncomfortable in a shirt that is just one push away from being torn away because it is already too tight and stretched.

Perfect Fit: A Safe Haven

Perfect T-shirt fit is important for fat men. In fact, it is the most important part of fashion. Whether you are going out on a hot summer day or layering a coat on top of your T-shirt, you need a perfect fit to not only keep you comfortable but also hide everything that is exposed on your body (without hugging your body or being too baggy).


A perfect shirt makes your shoulders look formed and shaped. Instead of your arms looking fat, they look fit as the armhole perfectly wraps around your arms and gives a strong feeling. Instead of people thinking that you are fat, they’ll think that you are big-boned and muscular.


The Importance of High-Quality Fabric

Why is fabric quality important? Of course, it makes you feel comfortable, is durable, washable, color doesn’t fade, is pleasing to the eye of people who see it but what else? For fat people, a T-shirt made of the high-quality fabric does more than that.


If you are buying a t-shirt for yourself, there are some things you need to keep in mind.


  • Fabric thickness: Thick fabric helps you hide anything that appears from underneath your shirt e.g., your pointy nipples and your tummy. It helps you achieve that linear look in which, you don’t feel too exposed.
  • Formed shoulders: The shoulders should be formed. Because your shoulders decide where the shirt is going to run down below. If your shoulders are wider than your lower section, you won’t need to bother much but, in most cases, fat men have a bigger tummy than their shoulders width. In that case, you need a shirt with a strong shape (thick fabric helps a lot here). It will help you maintain that fit shape in your shirt.
  • Stretch: The shirt should be stretchable. If it’s not, it is going to be your worst nightmare. Too tight fit is a bad thing but that doesn’t mean that shirt shouldn’t fit at all. Make sure to get the right fit but also ensure that the fabric is stretchable like our T-shirts have.


Color Psychology for Fat Men’s Fashion

While starting the FAT-T store for people like you, we have been struck by this thought quite often. What type of colors should we use? After a detailed thought, we ended up using plain black and white to start with. Why is that?

 Plain colors are the best when it comes to T-shirts. You can wear them anywhere anytime and look minimal and elegant. Secondly, you can also layer a coat or a jacket on top of them. In that case, white and black plain tees are the ultimate choice.

 Black and white t-shirts for fat men offer an ultimate escape in styling. Since they are two colors of extreme ends. They can be contrasted with almost anything. After all, who doesn’t have black and white t-shirts in their closet?

The Power of Minimal and Plain Designs

As a big-boned person, you need to avoid flashy and overdone designs on t-shirts. As explained in the previous section, minimal and plain designs are the key to fat men’s fashion. It makes you avoid unwanted attention to your body.

 Light colors such as yellow or blue make your body feel exposed instantly. Designs on top of that make everything seem worse. Since designs and patterns psychologically attract attention to them, people would focus on your chest quite often. This is something we don’t want.

Why Are FAT-T Shirts the Perfect Choice?

We at FAT-T have taken every factor into consideration while providing the best quality shirts for you. We realize what patterns, designs, colors, fits, and fabric quality does to your look and we don’t want you to look bad anymore. The bad days of looking awful in ill-fitted t-shirts are gone.

 It is time to take advantage of FAT-T shirts that are minimal, high-quality fabric, thick, stretchable, durable, fitted, and come with inspiring slogans that motivate you to accept yourself. These shirts make you a part of our FAT-T community that is focused on producing the best clothing for big and tall people.

 So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the perfect t-shirts for fat men now!

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You are more than just a normal person and our FAT-T’s are more than just normal T-shirts. Just like you, our FAT-T’s have a brave and bold personality. They are made from high-quality and thick fabric that sits comfortably on your body and compliments you like nothing else. On top of everything, FAT-T’s come with powerful slogans that represent the FAT-T community where everyone accepts themselves with pride!

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