About Us

Our Story!

So, what if you are fat? You are still FAT-astic because
you wear FAT-T shirts with pride!

Why We Exist?

FAT-T is a men’s clothing brand that is built around providing the best quality Tees for FAT men who are unable to find a right size that sits perfectly on their body. You’re FAT? So what? With FAT-T, own your identity with pride!

Why do you have to surrender to what others have to say? Beauty comes in all sizes like our FAT-T shirts. Don’t let people’s opinion affect your mind because all you need is a little perspective and one of our shirts to fit you perfectly, And shove it in their face!

FAT-T exists as a symbol of confidence for anyone who can’t fit in regular sizes. The problem isn’t with you, it’s with your shirt so let us fix that for you. 

Why did I Feel the Need for FAT-T?

It has always been so hard for me to find a T-shirt that could finally fit. It’s this constant battle with the brands to find a fit that I could look good in that has led to the foundation of FAT-T.

Being tall and wide gives you an edge that you don’t know how to take advantage of. Since normal T-shirts are just boring, lets use our body to set example and let the world know, I’m FAT I know it and I love it.

A good shirt should make you look fit and formed. If it doesn’t, know that this shirt is not meant for you. FAT-T solves all these problems – big sized shirts that tell the world what we think!

Our FAT-T’s

Our shirts are made of high-quality cotton fabric that sits comfortable on your body. Our fabric is thick, strong and durable that matches with the strong profile of tall and big men. We also have powerful slogans of FAT-T’s culture that are printed on your tee shirts and make you a part of our community that accept their body with pride and confidence.

Our Name

You can guess right away where the name FAT-T came from. It’s pronounced as “fatty”; Something we get called quite often. It reflects our founding values to accept our self. FAT-T is also read as ‘FAT-tee’. Since we sell tee-shirts for FAT people, our shirts are called FAT-tees. So, welcome to the FAT-T club where you can find the perfect FAT-tee for you.

Our Logo

Our logo is a bear. It might look like we choose this because bears are FAT but there is a lot more to it than that. Bears are misunderstood creatures. Although they look angry and harmful, they are quite joyful, empathetic, and devoted. The same is the case with people like us.

I was once reading about the characteristics of a bear and the article said: “Although alert and intelligent, the bear mostly succeeds through the sheer force of its personality” and that is the case with every big and tall person. In reality, we are one of the most wonderful personalities in the room. That is why it is very important for all of us to have the right T-shirts to stand out!

Own Yourself FAT-T!

You must be confident about yourself. The only thing that holds you back is you.   The problem is in the fit, not you. You can finally choose to dress properly with our highly thoughtful slogans and sizes that fit all body types from XL to 6XL. Embrace yourself and join the FAT-T community!